“Jennifer and Justin are a dream team. Our children’s love of music has flourished under their guidance. Their approach is instructional but very fun based. Our eldest has seamlessly moved from their group classes to enjoying the piano. We recommend them in a heartbeat.” ~ Jen & Dom

“Attending Jennifer’s Kodaly-Orff class is a highlight of our week. We’ve been taking her class each year since my son was a baby. The classes are always varied and Jennifer incorporates a number of different songs, instruments and activities in each session. Jennifer has a wonderfully warm approach and as a music educator myself I am so grateful that my son has the opportunity to attend her classes.” ~ Caroline J.

“Music class is the best!” Katie Rose has been enrolled in Justin’s Kodaly Orff music classes for 3 years, and 4 years in total under that method, from the age of 2. She has developed strong music and rhythm understanding and has lots of fun with her classmates! The group classes provide her with the opportunity to build a comfort level with the instruments and activities, all the while improving her self-confidence and musicality.” ~ Kim B.

“Jennifer and Justin provide excellent educational music programming for children!  They have extensive musical training that they translate into fun, engaging, and entertaining classes.  The kids really enjoy the teachers and their methods, which result in both direct and indirect learning.  Through these classes, our children have developed a strong foundation and appreciation of music that will only continue to grow as they do!” ~ Pamela O.

“Our daughter, now aged 3, participated in group Kodaly Orff classes with Jennifer for the 2015-16 academic year. We were extremely impressed with Jennifer’s teaching style and musical knowledge. Her gentle manner with the children allowed them to become immediately at ease and therefore more willing to participate in the songs, games and instrument time. Throughout the year the musical skills the children gained were woven harmoniously into fun activities. Our daughter now has musical building blocks to further develop, a deeper love of music and confidence! We loved the experience and learned so much from Jennifer.”  ~Lindsay D.

“Justin has been teaching my boys music for the past 5 years. He’s a wonderful teacher. The classes are fun and my kids are singing songs they have learned well after class is over. His passion for music education has had a real positive impact on my kids.” ~ Theresa D.

“Jennifer is a wonderful first music teacher. She has a gentle manner and makes every child feel welcome and included. We have learned so many new songs in this class, many with actions, which we now do at bedtime and bathtime at home. The opportunity to move around in class, dance, and play with the parachute and try new instruments has been a wonderful experience as my daughter has become more active. She never loses interest and has a smile on her face from the moment we arrive at class.” ~ Alicia C.